Employer FAQ

6% of the total fixed remuneration offered to the successful candidate:

  • Endorser reward is 2% (min)
  • Candidate bonus is 1% (min)
  • Endorser Pty Ltd Fee is 3% (fixed)


  • Endorser profile (Name, industry)
  • Relationship (e.g professional – direct report/peer/manager/stakeholder or recruiter relationship)
  • Length of relationship
  • 50 words on why the candidate is great for the job & company
  • Contactable during process (y/n)


  • Resume upload
Endorser is not a recruiting agency. We’re a professional, influencer endorsement network that opens your internal referral process to our amazing network of great Endorsers through 24/7 mobile, great influencers that access passive candidates (approximately 70% of the Australian employment market) through relationships you otherwise might not be able to reach. Our purpose is to make recruitment feel good for everyone. This applies to the candidate, the endorser and you the company.

We get it, many companies may already have a recruiting team and also use job boards such as Seek and tools like LinkedIn to find candidates. Endorser is a versatile talent platform that can be used as:

  • The primary sourcing channel due to the reach of our endorser network,
  • Concurrently with other sourcing channels and
  • Can be activated for jobs that have had little success through initial channels.

Unlike job boards, there is no cost to join Endorser. We are a success only platform. No placement through Endorser no cost!

Do you really want to pay a premium to agencies to manage a standard recruitment process? Why have one recruiter source your talent when you can have thousands of endorsers sourcing talent for you!
Endorser provides a first day guarantee. In the event that a candidate hired through Endorser’s does not report to the new job on day 1, just notify Endorser and we will work with you to find a replacement candidate.
We do not provide for guarantees in our costs like agencies, you make the hiring decision not Endorser. If the candidate doesn’t feel right don’t hire them.
Like great knows great, diverse people know diverse people. We are proud of our diverse Endorser network.
Endorser makes the job posting process quick and easy. We auto-populate your Company info from the Company profile at sign up so it only takes a minute or two.
Contact aaron@endorser.com.au to arrange a detailed company brochure or alternatively set up a time to discuss Endorser and your company’s talent needs.