Endorser & Sharing FAQ

You can be paid to share job ads through your social and professional networks which can reach candidates or other Endorsers who in turn, may reach candidates in their networks.When you share job ads, each URL will be personalised with a code that links back to your Endorser identity. If an endorsement is made using your personalised link and the candidate is successful – you’ll be paid a cash reward!

All you have to do share a job to your networks by hitting the “Share” buttons on the job ads… and let Endorser do the rest!

By endorsing candidates for jobs, you can earn cash rewards for those that are successful in their applications. This is the same as being a referee except that you can be paid for it!All you have to do is think of someone great for a job and endorse them straight from the job ad!
Endorsement awards are set based upon the minimum advertised job remuneration. There is a minimum of 2% of the annual salary of the successful candidate however this rate is often higher.Sharing rewards are set on a per-job basis and can vary between jobs.
Each share has a unique URL that is created by your endorser user profile. All shares that originate from the endorser platform are tracked.
Provided you have shared from the Endorser site it continues to be your share. This will increase the exposure of your share to other people’s networks thus providing you with greater chance of reaching the right person for the job! So long as the share URL contains your personal code, then it is traceable back to your original share.
You will receive notification when applications are made. Due to privacy laws, you will not be alerted as to who has applied.
If you endorse someone and they are successful you receive the endorsement reward only. (This is typically higher than the share reward!)
This is easy. You’ll fill out the simple registration form (approx. 1 minute).
Once we have you signed up we start sending you awesome jobs with amazing rewards. Making money, finding your friend their dream job and giving to charity has never been easier!
See the job, think of your network and fill out the endorser form. This should take five minutes max.
Great question! We say well enough for your endorsement to be accurate, genuine and true. It is your credibility on the line! You are rated on the quality and suitability of their candidates and relationships are important. Remember the company may wish to contact you and find out more.
Sure, if the job doesn’t suit.
This is really cool. You will have your own dashboard (coming soon!) If the candidate does not select “private process”, you will see when progress is made.
A maximum of 3.
Yes, a maximum of 3 times and the reward is split between Endorsers.
You will be paid the reward within 7 days after the candidates 1st day of employment.
Absolutely, you are a trusted network of the candidate and no different to a reference check you are expected to keep the process between you and the candidate.
Potentially, this may be for clarity on your comments or other information. You can elect whether or not the company is able to do so.
No, Endorser is not a self-promotion platform. You can invite a network to the platform and request an endorsement of platform.
No. Your profile is not searchable on Endorser, only employers you have endorsed a candidate to will be able to view your profile.
We recommend that you review our Privacy Policy to learn more about the information collected.

If you elect, you are contactable for further information throughout the process the hiring company may contact you directly.

Yes, if your endorsed candidate is new to the employer.

IMPORTANT: In the event they already have the candidate on database they still may wish to see your endorsement and therefore you will then represent the candidate, making you eligible for the reward.

You and the candidate. When you sign up to Endorser, you confirm that the content on your profile, including your experience and education is accurate and truthful. Any misrepresentation of information will result in deactivation of your profile and possible legal recourse.
If you are first to submit an endorsement to a candidate and they apply the candidate is represented by you for that particular job for a period of six (6) months. If they receive an additional endorsement for the same role they can decline or add the endorsement to their earlier application, if successful the reward will be split by endorsers.
No, you only represent your candidate for the specific job(s) that you have endorsed them for.
You can’t re-introduce a previously hired candidate for at least 6 months after a placement.
You can call Endorser 0488 333 513 or send an email to admin@endorser.com.au with your questions and one of our representatives will be able to answer your question via phone or email.
Yes, all applications prior to 26 February will still be entitled to the candidate bonus.